Monday , 22 December 2014

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Lowongan Kerja Guru SMA

SMA Rengel

For anyone whom seeking job as teacher, here is a good news for you. There is a job vacancy as teacher in Tuban. This job is suitable for fresh graduate whom thinking to build career as teacher. Teacher Job Vacancy SMA N 1 Rengel is one of education institution in Tuban East Java Indonesia. It is a Senior High School which is located in Banjaragung and has more than sixteen ... Read More »

Lowongan Kerja SPG UNILEVER

Loker SPG Unilever

We already discuss about Unilever in our previous post and today, we would like to bring latest news about job vacancies in Unilever. There are so much vacancies available and one of them is what we would discuss in this post. Working as SPG UNILEVER An excellent company named UNILEVER offer position as Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) for female whom already at the age of 21 i this year. The job require ... Read More »

Lowongan Kerja di Unilever Indonesia

Lowongan Pekerjaan Unilever

UNILEVER is well known company headquartered in London and has so many branches all over the world. In Indonesia, the company was named as UNILEVER INDONESIA Tbk and have already served the country for eighty years. The company first time started at 1933 and keep growing stronger afterward. The government reward the company with Energy Globe Award for dedication in saving environment and helping local peoples to live healthier. Job Vacancies ... Read More »

Lowongan di Bali

lowongan pekerjaan Bali

My professor used to say Bali is the most beautiful city in Indonesia. Tourism and settlements are few examples of sectors which require individual whom having great skills. Working in Hotels and Lodges could be good option for anyone whom having great skills in communication and relation. Job Vacancies in Bali divided into two groups. A vacancy which require great skills and another vacancy which didn’t require high requirements. Job ... Read More »

Lowongan Pekerjaan Aceh

Lowongan Pekerjaan Aceh

Aceh is special province located in westernmost island of Indonesia. Huge amount of natural resources were found in so many places. So much companies were competing to manage and cultivate the natural resources. It is estimated in current and next year, enormous workers were needed to fulfill huge list of positions. However, not all peoples in Aceh may able to fill the position. The company demand only individual whom have necessary skills. Most peoples ... Read More »